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The Introduction

I’m the first state of your worst fate

Expressed with emphasis when i put my foot through your face and make the earth quake

Shake , break a fake … .

If it resorts in over kill then it was a purpose mistake


Mistake on purpose

540 kick you so hard when you hit the ground your soul will bounce back up and hit the surface

Resistance is worthless

Worthless resistance isnt worth this

Fighting because you thought you were worth more only to find out you are worth less

 I’m not trying to display my potential, Just exhibiting my raw concept

with no consideration for any ears exposed to the content

 I’m far from the vexes but what you can still expect is

something like me punch a girl back just to prove I’m not sexist.     

Perfect Aves, mum always said I was far from a complete child

I exceeded expectation so I was her complete child

X Filed, down for my skin and ethnic background

Compiled, up

same skin colour as if id back down. 

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